Prairie Dust Busters Duct Cleaning in Regina, SK

Prairie Dust Busters is a family owned company and was opened in 1992, we started with the most complete line of air duct cleaning equipment at that time we also introduced the "skipper system" to the marketplace. Prairie Dust Busters started cleaning the H-Vac systems in homes and buildings in Regina and surrounding areas.

Prairie Dust Busters brought this new technology along with a brand new custom built vacuum truck to Regina with a lot of enthusiasm and pride, we were able to offer our customers a completely different experience in air duct cleaning. We then brought in a full line of "robotic brush systems" into the market at that time we helped educate the public on how and why air duct cleaning is so important.

"Still to this day we are buying and trying the newest advancements in technology and equipment to date! We pride ourselves in always trying to improve so we can offer the newest technology to you our customers".

Making the decision from the start not be a telephone soliciting company, we have relied greatly on customer satisfaction to be the sole part of a large growing customer base. Choosing not to hire (or fire) extra people during times of fluctuations has also kept our company further ahead in experience and knowledge. Our company training takes years, not days or weeks to complete.

Placing an emphasis on expert workmanship we know that top-quality duct cleaning services only come from skilled professionals. Our devoted and dedicated technicians Garry has over 28 years experience working with us and Dayne who has just became certified by NADCA as a ASCS (Air Systems Cleang Specialist) will take special care to protect your home and perform the job in the most thorough and efficient way possible.

Whether it is a commercial building, hospital, office, or residence we strive to do the best job. In most cases, we can restore the ductwork to as-new cleanliness helping to improve your indoor air quality. Using the newest in state-of-the-art equipment, along with our custom built vacuum trucks made to our specs making them the most powerful in the industry, we guarantee this exceptional cleaning process will remove the dust and harmful allergens allowing you and your family to breathe clean healthy air! 

We don’t believe in using just air pressure and suction alone to remove dirt and debris, we use a direct contact cleaning process called source removal, using the most advanced equipment available.

Every inch of your ductwork is cleaned using our devices, which ultimately can improve your heating and cooling systems, and in turn reduce operating costs, making this a sensible financial decision.

At Prairie Dust Busters customer service is given highest priority. We maintain high moral and ethical standards to reflect honesty, integrity, and reliability in all of our customer relationships. We respect and value your time from the beginning to the end. We appreciate your trust in us to provide your family and work place with the clean air they deserve and this is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We Are A Family Business you can trust!